I’m James. I’m working towards being an Architect. I also ride bikes.
Get in touch if you want a hand with anything exciting.

‘Most people roll their eyes when they hear I’m an environmentalist. A tree-hugger they perhaps think. Perhaps even a hippie. However, I am more of a humanist. Literally put, that means that I have progressive life stance, one that affirms my responsibility and ability to lead an ethical, meaningful life, which will add to the greater good of humanity.

More simply put, I care about us. All of us. You and me. Everyone you’ve known, seen or passed in the street. That’s nice, don’t you think?

Taking this approach seems to be the best way to convey the message, and the realisation, to everyone I’ve ever met and had the opportunity to stand in front of or read my work: like you.

It is an important message, my gospel so to speak, so pay attention. The planet is in flux, it changes. Its always has. Global temperatures vary, species come and go. Some survive, some become extinct. The question is, do we want humanity to, die, survive of thrive? What we, as humans are doing is increasingly effecting this natural equilibrium, warming the planet at a rate unseen in history. We are incessantly progressing towards removing humanity from the planet, by systematically strangling our own life support system.

Did I miss the memo? Where are we planning on moving too? Whatever humanity has in store for the planet, in a million or so years, it will still be here. Species will come and go. Global temperatures will vary once again. It will recover and thrive. We as a race, may not.

 Lets do something about it. It starts with a hello.

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